Public recycling boost for district health boards

Public recycling boost for district health boards

The Public Place Recycling Scheme not only helps councils, venues and other organisations provide access to recycling and rubbish bins, but district health boards too.

2 December 2020

Between 2018 and 2020 the Scheme granted $15,000 to help the Waitemata, Northland and Bay of Plenty DHBs install internal public place recycling and rubbish bins around hospitals’ public areas such as cafes and foyers as well as offices.

While bins for the majority of public spaces are for standard material, such as glass, paper, cans, plastic and non-recyclables, the requirements for the waste generated by a hospital is different. For example, the bins at the Northland DHB accept biodegradable drug trays, paper, PVC and co-mingled recycling.

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