- February 11, 2016

Summer Festivals Getting Greener

Summer festivals getting greener

Summer festivals and events are getting greener according to data collected by The Packaging Forum.
11 February 2016

The Packaging Forum operates two voluntary product stewardship schemes for glass and for public place recycling which provide funding to support waste minimization at events.

As part of the funding arrangement event organisers provide detailed information about what has been collected for recycling compared to what is sent to landfill.

Festivals, concerts and sporting events around the country supported by the Packaging Forum already this summer include Taste Auckland; Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge; Summer Starter Christchurch; ACDC Concert at Western Springs; Sol 3 Mio at Villa Maria; Auckland Festival of Tennis; Sounds Splash at Raglan; Marlborough Christmas Parade; Auckland Christmas in the Park; Northern Bass; Fat Freddy’s Drop concert at Waipara Hills Winery and the NZ Football Masters Tournament in Dunedin.

Lyn Mayes, Public Place Recycling Scheme Manager said: “Data collected so far from shows that we have diverted around 50 tonnes from landfill and achieved a 70% recycling rate overall. This is a marked improvement over last year when the recycling rate across the events which we funded was 65%.

We hope to continue these excellent results at upcoming events including the Lantern Festival; Splore; Big Gay Out; Havelock Mussel Festival; Central District Field Days and Round the Bays.” “This year we have partnered with event services specialists such as Clean Event, GreenShoot Pacific (GSP), Xtreme Zero Waste and Fairfax Media Events which are committed to the greening of events.

“There are some stand out performances: 96% waste diversion at Sol 3 Mio Concert at Villa Maria and 85% at ACDC concert (Clean Events) 91% waste diversion at Taupo Cycle Challenge (Greenshoot Pacific) Page 2 Summer festivals are getting greener 88% waste diversion at Sounds Splash (Xtreme Zero Waste) Mayes added that: “We are also placing our new soft plastic recycling bins at the Splore festival next weekend so that festival goers can also recycle their chip packets, confectionery, ice cream wrap, bread bags and any other plastic packaging that can be scrunched in a ball. This means that there is very little packaging that can’t be recycled.”

George Seton, Managing Director Clean Event says that the secret of achieving high levels of recycling is good planning. “Achieving high levels of recycling at events comes down to good planning prior to the event; you need to know and influence what types of wastes will be produced and have a thorough plan on how you are going to separate them” Dave Watson, Director of GSP, emphasises the importance of collaboration in producing great waste results.

“The opportunity is for all stakeholders to contribute and become part of a good story where high recycling statistics reflect best practice. Putting practical solutions in place, such as manned waste stations, create pathways for good behaviour and give attendees a better experience while enhancing the brand image of the event and their sponsors.”