- March 27, 2017

Public Place Recycling Scheme Annual Report

Public Place Recycling Scheme Annual Report

Public Palace Recycling voluntary product stewardship scheme 31 March 2016.
27 March 2017

The annual report provides the following data:
• Reports on the performance against Scheme KPIs to end 2015.
• Financial period 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 (financial year for the scheme)

The scope of the Packaging Forum’s Public Place Recycling voluntary product stewardship Scheme includes the end of life collection of packaging (and where applicable food waste) away from home. The scheme includes the funding of projects, infrastructure and educational programmes to increase the recovery and recycling of plastic, aluminium, paper and glass packaging from food and beverages consumed in public places.

The Scheme raises and allocates funds to promote and directly influence the recycling of plastic, paper, aluminium and glass containers and organic waste in public places.

Public places include street locations, transport hubs, tourism and hospitality venues, shopping malls, stadia, canteens and other venues managed by commercial entities.

The Scheme also provides annual data on the amount of packaging and organic waste collected for recycling through the public place recycling bins operated by councils.

Scheme members include companies that manufacture products or their packaging that are typically consumed away from home such as beverages and snack foods. The Scheme also includes venues where these products are consumed.

The Scheme is funded by brand owners, packaging manufacturers and recyclers working with event organisers, councils and other organisations.

This Public Place Recycling Scheme is separate from the Packaging Forum’s Glass Packaging Product Stewardship Scheme however incorporates a financial contribution from the Glass Scheme which contributes to the collection of glass packaging from public places.

In the report year the public place recycling bins which have been introduced at supermarkets and retailers in Auckland to collect soft plastic packaging have been included.