Litter Public Place Recycling
- December 2, 2020

PPRS helping improve the recycling score at sports venues

While sports venues don’t operate every day, when there is an event it can often generate a significant amount of recycling and rubbish.

2 December 2020

The Public Place Recycling Scheme has been working hard to ensure there is infrastructure available, in the form of colour-coded recycling and rubbish bins, to deal with this material in a responsible and sustainable way.

Between 2017 and 2020 the Scheme invested $50,000 in supporting projects which increase recycling and address litter at sports venues – small and large – with the aim of reaching a diverse demographic.

Funding has been granted to the Whangarei Netball Centre, the North Harbour Hockey Association, The Trust Arena, and the AIMS Games to make recycling and litter facilities available. The Scheme has also funded bins at Eden Park, Sky Stadium and Wellington Rugby.

On a more local level the scheme has supported Otago Golf Club and Remuera Golf Club to help improve their sustainability through the provision of bins.