Working together
for sustainable

The Packaging Forum is a member-based organisation representing the depth and breadth of the packaging industry.

We have the vision that by 2025, all packaging in New Zealand will be reusable, recyclable or compostable. To achieve this, the entire packaging industry will need to work together to ensure the best commercial and sustainable solutions are found.

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What we do


We advocate for policy that achieves the highest sustainability outcomes


We collaborate to advance sustainable packaging research through design, innovation or introduction of alternatives


We make it easy for members to do the right thing by investing in onshore solutions and recyclability labelling


We promote solutions that enable all packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 or earlier

Our Solutions

We deliver practical solutions to steward packaging materials on behalf of our members.

We have two voluntary product stewardship schemes accredited by the Ministry for the Environment.

Glass Packaging Forum

Helping to increase the quality and quantity of glass bottles and jars going back to the furnace.
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Soft Plastics Recycling

Can you scrunch it into a ball? Then you can recycle it through our programme.
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Technical Advisory Groups

Our technical advisory groups are made up of members with specialist knowledge and other experts.
They address challenges and possible solutions for particular material streams, as well as the issue of litter.

compostable coffee cup

The work of this group aims to remove the challenges compostable packaging faces in New Zealand.
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cardboard packaging

Working on end of life solutions and contamination challenges.


Investigating a labelling system that’s simple for consumers and widely recongnised.


Even when packaging can be recycled, some still ends up as litter. We’re tackling litter and supporting litter initiatives across all types of packaging.
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We support

Solutions that are
  • Circular
  • New Zealand-based
  • Industry-led
  • Collaborative
  • Include all stakeholders
Policies that
  • Deliver the highest value sustainability outcomes
  • Are evidence-based
  • Focus on the full packaging lifecycle
  • Maximise quality and quantity of materials

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