- November 14, 2013

Two product stewardship schemes receive Government accreditation

Two product stewardship schemes receive Government accreditation

Environment Minister Amy Adams today announced the accreditation of two product stewardship schemes that cover the recycling of plastic, aluminium, paper, glass and cardboard packaging.
14 November 2013

The Fonterra Milk for Schools product stewardship scheme covers the collection of used packaging generated through its nationwide programme.

The used packaging is processed at Fonterra sites before being sent to international recycling facilities overseas, where it is broken down and used to make products such as roof tiles, books and paper.

As part of the scheme, each participating school is also visited by Fonterra to talk about the recycling aspect of the scheme and the importance of caring for the environment.

The Public Place Recycling product stewardship scheme funds projects to promote and influence the recycling of plastic, paper, aluminium and glass containers in public places, including research, infrastructure and educational programmes.

It is managed by the Glass Packaging Forum and scheme members include companies that manufacture products or packaging that are consumed mainly in public places. The scheme also includes venues where these products are consumed.
The scheme will also provide annual data on the amount of packaging and organic waste collected for recycling through the Love NZ branded public place recycling bins in New Zealand.

“These two newly-accredited recycling schemes show that industry is taking responsibility for waste,” Ms Adams says. “Both schemes recognise the important role industry has to play in encouraging the sensible disposal of waste, and educating the community about the value of recycling.”

Under the Waste Minimisation Act, the Minister for the Environment has the ability to recognise product stewardship schemes through accreditation.
A product stewardship scheme will only be accredited after it has been thoroughly assessed to ensure accreditation criteria have been met. In turn, accredited schemes have to report annually to the Minister on their objectives and targets.

There are now 11 voluntary product stewardship schemes accredited in New Zealand. Click here for more information on product stewardship.

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