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- September 14, 2020

Recycling terms in te reo Māori

Public place recycling bins in McKenzie District

Para Kore and WasteMINZ have consulted with speakers of te reo Māori from local iwi, community groups, councils, universities and government departments to arrive at some agreed-on translations and some alternatives. As regional variations are still possible, WasteMINZ suggests consulting locally where possible for those intending to create signage or material. For the full resource kit, including recycling symbols, visit the WasteMINZ website.

Below are a few te reo Māori kupu that relate to recycling and packaging. For the full list, including other types of waste, see the WasteMinz website.

Bags & Wrap – Pēke, Tākai

Bottles & Jars – Pātara, Ipu Karaehe (glass containers)

Cans – Kēne

Cardboard – Kāri Mārō

Clear – Kōataata

Containers – Ipu

Drink – Inu

Food Scraps – Para Kai

Food Scraps & Compostable Packaging – Para Kai, Tākai Pōpopo

Furniture – Taputapu whare

Garden Cuttings – Tapahanga Māra, Tapahitanga Māra

Glass – Karaehe Karāhe, Kōata

Māori words for glass

Landfill – Ruapara

Milk Bottles – Pātara Miraka

Paper – Pepa

Plastic – Kirihou

Polystyrene – Kirihou Kōmāmā

Recycling – Hangarua, Hakarua is Ngāi Tahu dialect for Hangarua

Reuse – Whakamahia Anō

Rubbish – Para, Rāpihi

Shopping Bags – Pēke Hokohoko

Soft Plastic – Kirihou Ngohengohe

Reduce, Reuse, Refill + Recycle

Our latest funding round is open, and due to close on 30 June 2023. This fund is focused on helping organisations keep their public spaces clean while improving recycling, with funding available for projects which reduce litter and increase recycling.