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Grow support for and develop new voluntary packaging product stewardship schemes

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Commission research relating to packaging waste minimisation and litter abatement

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Operate two accredited voluntary packaging product stewardship schemes glassforum.org.nz and recycling.kiwi.nz


Advocate for the packaging industry


Support the community by funding projects

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Provide technical services to members

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Container Deposit System Analysis

Households in New Zealand produce significant amounts of waste, some of which is recycled via kerbside collection schemes or drop off recycling programmes. A number of countries operate container deposit schemes (CDSs) that can deliver high rates of recycling for beverage containers, e.g. an estimated return rate of around 80% in South Australia compared to […]

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Save Food Packaging Awards

The primary function of packaging is to protect the content.┬áIt is estimated that 50% of the edible food produced globally, does not reach the fork. the Save Food Packaging Awards are designed to recognise companies who are developing innovative and sustainable packaging that minimises food losses and food waste, extends shelf life and improves the […]

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